Aunts & Uncles Album

Great, Grand, and Otherwise

Israel Hargreaves Selina Davis Israel Hargreaves, Sarah's brother, and Selina Davis, my g grand aunt and uncle, who emigrated to the US, settled in Texas.

(See his sister SARAH and their parents)

David Ogden Parrot  Jennie Parrott David Ogden Parrott (courtesy  Dale Parrott, which see for related photos), my g2 grand uncle, ALICE PARROTT's uncle.

Janette "Jennie" Nancy Parrott, my g grand aunt, sister of ALICE PARROTT.

(See his brother JOHN,  her sister ALICE)

Alexander Corwin Sifleet Hazel Ada Sifleet Alexander Corwin Sifleet, my grand uncle and his sister HAZEL ADA SIFLEET, my maternal grandmother..

(See their parents)

ALVY (1) "RAY" SMITH, center, my paternal grandfather, with his children, left to right, ALVY (2), Lucy (see below), Margaret, and Lawrence.

(See their mother)

George and Lucy Gray, my uncle and aunt.

(See Lucy's father and siblings just above)

(See George's artwork)

LUCRETIA ANN GILILLAND and BENJAMIN "BEN" SMITH, my g grandparents, with their children, left to right, Richard, RAY, Grace, Jim, and Rose. About 1904.

See also BEN and LUCRETIA

Tranquilla and Fountainella Bolin Twins Tranquilla and Fountainella Bolin (left to right), nieces of my g grandfather Will Sanders.
Ada, Charlie, Jed, and Winnie Miller, my great aunts and uncles and their (half) sister MAUDIE McKINDREY, my grandmother.

See their parents