Maternal Family Album

Henry Hargreaves Susannah Blomley HENRY HARGREAVES and SUSANNAH BLOMLEY, the Australian patriarchs, my g2 grandparents. HENRY is author of The Letter.

(See their son Israel)

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Will Sanders Sarah Hargreaves WILL SANDERS and SARAH HARGREAVES, my g grandparents. WILL, American, followed  gold to Australia after California's gave out. They returned to the US and settled in New Mexico.

(See her brother Israel)

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Hazel and Jeff Sanders Oval.jpg (75429 bytes) HAZEL ADA SIFLEET, daughter of WILLIAM and ALICE below, and JEFF SANDERS, son of WILL and SARAH. JEFF and HAZEL are my mother's parents, my maternal grandparents.

(See her brother Corwin and HAZEL as children)

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EDITH HORTENSE SANDERS, my mother, with me and my sister Rita.

(See my father ALVY RAY SMITH)

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(points to HAZEL, above me)
William Sifleet Marguerite Alice Parrott WILLIAM JAMES SIFLEET and MARGUERITE ALICE PARROTT, my maternal g grandparents.

(See her sister Jennie and  uncle David)

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John Mitchell Parrott Mary Hortense Durand JOHN MITCHELL PARROTT and MARY HORTENSE DURAND,  maternal g2 grandparents.

(See his brother David Ogden Parrott)