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Durand Book


Dr. John Durand of Derby, Connecticut

and His Family



Alvy Ray Smith



Newbury Street Press

New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)

Boston, Massachusetts


Reprinted 2007. Available from

Cover: Asher Brown Durand, Study from Nature, Stratton Notch, Vermont, 1857. Collection of The New-York Historical Society


Full Title: Dr. John Durand (1664-1727) of Derby, Connecticut: His Family Through Four Generations

Featuring the Branch of His Youngest Son, Ebenezer Durand, Through Ten Generations to 2003

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1) 12 Jun 2003: pp 146-7, child (1) of person 214, ". . . Susan Brower [incorrectly, Brown], born 1 May 1822, daughter of Abram and Ann (Northall) Brower.[1]


2) 12 Jun 2003: p 415, person 468, paragraph 2, add this further information about John R. Pierce family: "John and Frances have been married about four years."


3) 16 Jun 2003: pp 303-4, person 342, add this paragraph to Harvey Durand's sketch on p 304: "In 1910, Harvey Durand, 70, resides at 5 West 47th Street in New York City, with his wife of 40 years, Harriet A., 69, who has had no children. Harvey is born in New York of a father born in Connecticut and a mother born in New York. Harriet is born in New York of New York natives. With Harvey and Harriet are three English women, all servants."[2] By implication, on p 303 Harvey should be shown born "in New York," and Harriet "born about 1841, New York." Notice that the census implies they were married about 1870, somewhat in conflict with the 1865 date. [See figure]


4) 18 Jun 2003: p. 140, person 46: Insert paragraph after long quotation [or p 149, person 50, insert second paragraph, appropriately reworded]: "A possible corrective to the story above about George Washington's field glasses is a brief item in George Washington's papers at the Library of Congress: "Received June 21st 1780 of His Excellency Genl Washington the sum of Sixty Dollars for repairing a Spy Glass [signed] Briant Durand."[3] So perhaps the story is about John's brother Briant [Bryant] rather than John, or maybe Briant kept the books for his brother." [See figure]


5) 21 Jun 2003: p 387, person 447: Change "Margaret Van Vechton Saunders, and had a daughter, Margaret8 Holt, born 11 October 1925.[1831]" to "Margaret Van Vechten [pen name Rackham] Saunders, born 5 March 1899, Denver, Colorado, daughter of William L. and Ellen Maria (Plank) Saunders, and died 4 February 1963. Guy and Rackham had a daughter, Margaret Van Vechten8 Holt, born 12 October 1924.[4]" [See figure]


6) 21 Jun 2003: p 388, person 447: Append this paragraph to the sketch for Guy Holt: "Rackham Holt was a book critic for the Chicago Daily News in the 1920's and early 1930's. She was a book editor at Book List and G. P. Putnam's Sons in New York, and a librarian in the Chicago and New York public libraries. Rackham is particularly noted for her biographies of African-American notables, scientist George Washington Carver and educator Mary McLeod Bethune. The Carver book is dedicated to her daughter Margaret V. Holt.[5] Rackham was also the ghost writer for Margaret Sanger's An Autobiography and Victor Heiser's An American Doctor's Odyssey.[6] Rackham was one of the prominent literary figures of the late 1940's who spoke up in defense of best-seller Howard Fast who was put in prison for a year by the House Un-American Committee, for refusing to give names to the committee.[7]"


7) 4 Jul 2003: p 425, person 485: Append to paragraph (1): "Justice Maes is now the chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, the first Hispanic woman in the nation to be named chief justice of a state Supreme Court and only the second female to be named chief justice.[8]" [See figure]


8) 23 Jul 2003: p 202, paragraph 2, sentence 1: Replace with "Cyrus married (2) 16 May [or August] 1822 PHOEBE (WADE) WOODRUFF, born 15 November 1791, Springfield, New Jersey, daughter of Isaac and Lois (Osborn) Wade. Phoebe was the widow of Rich Stites Woodruff, who died 12 November 1814, not long after their marriage on 7 October 1813, and with whom she had one child, William Stites Woodruff, born 26 September 1814. Phoebe died 6 December 1891, aged 100.[9]"


9) 23 Jul 2003: p 209, paragraph 2, line 1: Change "with the biography above" to "with the biography above and a Wade genealogy". Line 5: change "Emma" to "Emma E." and "Berwick" to "Berwick [Bervic]". Line 6: change "died at five months" to "died 16 March 1827" and change "Juliette P." to "Juliette Paradise". Line 7: change "1827" to "1827, married W. H. Sherman" and change "Berwick" to "Berwick [Bervic]". Line 8: change "New York" to "New York, married Sarah Mersereau". Add to footnote [1189], before the closing period, "; Wade, Wade Genealogy, 314".


10) 31 Jul 2003: p 192, paragraph 1, last line: Add footnote: "1845." changes to "1845.[10]"


11) 3 Oct 2003: p 429, person 490: Change "Kelsy11 Latta," to "Kelsey Durand11 Latta,[11]".


12) 11 Nov 2003:  pp 395-399, person 382: Add two figures. On p 395, insert nickname ["Bill"] after "Henry Wilson." On p 399, person 450, insert nickname ["Billy"] after "Wilson".


13) 12 Nov 2003: p 415, person 467: Add this paragraph: "In 1930 John Starr, [2?]9, a machinist in a cement plant born in Colorado of German parents, resides in West Riverside, Riverside Co., California, with his wife, Rowena, 25, born in Colorado of a father born in Kansas and a mother in New York, and with daughter Margie H.9, 6, born in Arizona, and son James W.9, 1, born in California. John was 2[2?] at first marriage and Rowena was 1[8?].[12]" For consistency, change line 2 of the first paragraph to "and married, about 1923, John George Starr, born about 1901, Colorado." But see addition 21 below.


14) 23 Nov 2003: pp 287-292, person 286: Add figure.


15) 24 Nov 2003:  p 151, person 222: Change "died 7 March 1849," to "died 7 March 1849, Jefferson's Village, aged 56,[13]". Append this sentence to paragraph: "Abigail, born about 1795, died 6 October 1828, Jefferson's Village, aged 33.[14]"


16) 24 Nov 2003: p 217, person 206: Change "2 April 1821," to "2 April 1821, Bloomfield, Essex Co., New Jersey,". Change footnote [1195] to: "Bates, Maplewood, 15; New Jersey Eagle [newspaper], Newark, New Jersey, 6 April 1821, from biographical card file, New Jersey Historical Society (NJHS), Newark: "Durand, Asher Brown, engraver, of N. Y. | mar. at Bloomfield 4/2/1821 by Rev. Gideon | N. Judd to Miss Lucy Baldwin, dtr. of |Isaac Baldwin of Bloomfield;" Centinal of Freedom [newspaper], Newark, New Jersey, 10 April 1821, biographical card file, NJHS: "April 2, 1821 | Durand, Asher B. | to | Baldwin, Lucy | dau. of Isaac Baldwin of Bloomfield (by) Rev. Mr. Judd, at Bloomfield."


17) 24 Nov 2003: p 149, person 217: Change "5 August 1821," to "5 August 1821, Jefferson's Village, Essex Co., New Jersey," and insert at beginning of footnote [846]: Centinal of Freedom, [undated], biographical card file, NJHS: "Aug. 5, 1821 | Durand, Mr. Caleb | Jefferson's Village;". Change "married" to "married 1 November 1797[15]".


18) 25 Nov 2003: p 209, person 204: Append to footnote [1189]: "Sentinel of Freedom, 4 June 1844, biographical card file, NJHS: "May 29, 1844 | Durand, Jane W., dau. of Cyrus Durand | to | Chapman, Rev. John L. Chapman, all of Clinton-|ville, N. J. | At Clintonville, by Red. [sic] Dr. Ferris."


19) 25 Nov 2003: p 141, person 200: In footnote [798]: Change "Marriage" to "Biographical card file, NJHS: "Freeman, Rufus of Orangedale | married 11/30/1806 to Mary Durand of Springfield | by Rev. John McDowell, E.-T. [Elizabethtown] | Co. C. Essex [County Clerk, Essex Co.]; Marriage"".


20) 25 Nov 2003: p 146, person 211: Append to footnote [825]: "Biographical card file, NJHS: "Clay, Thomas | married 10/19/1799 to Phebe Durand, both of North | Farms | L. F. Ch. [Lyons Farm Church records].""


21) 30 Nov 2003: p 415, person 467: Change "Starr" to "Starr [Stariha], born 25 December 1900, Aspen, Pitkin Co., Colorado, son of Matthew and Mary (Kump) Stariha, born in Croatia. Rowena and John Starr had three children: (1) Margaret9 Starr, born about 1923, married Jack Edwards, both now deceased, and had children Gary10, Kim10, Karen10, and Maria10 Edwards; (2) James9 Starr, married Pat --, and had children Gretchen10 and Heidi10 Starr, born in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California; and (3) Dorothy Jean9 Starr, born 3 December 1931, Riverside, Riverside Co., California, married Verlin Wesley Davis, who was born 17 March 1927, Kimball, Brule Co., South Dakota, son of Philip Hartland and Tracey Fae (French) Davis, and had daughters, Carlene10 (Davis) Basped and Valerie Lynn [now Andii]10 (Davis) Gibb, born in Sacramento.[17]" Also, add Andii10 Gibb to the list of family member researchers in the Acknowledgments section. See addition 13 above.


22) 3 Dec 2003: p 151, person 221, footnote [860]: append "biographical card file, NJHS, "Durand, Daniel | married 8/19/1805 to Miss Phebe Brown of Jeffer-|son Village by Rev. Stephen Thompson, Conn. Farm|s| Co. C. Essex." "


22) 3 Dec 2003: p 147, person 214, footnote [831]: append "biographical card file, NJHS, "Durand, Elias B. | married 4/30/1840 to Susan Brown both of Clin-|ton by Rev. Robert Street, Conn. Farms | Co. C. Essex." "


23) 3 Dec 2003: p 146, person 214, line 3: change "New Jersey, Betsey Baker" to "New Jersey,[18] Betsey Baker".


24) 3 Dec 2003: p 196, person 199, lines 3-4: change "10 August 1846, South Orange, New Jersey, married, 18 July 1805" to "10 August 1846, Jefferson Village, aged 66,[19] married 18 July 1805,[20]".


25) 3 Dec 2003: pp 142-3, person 204, lines 1-2: change "married" to "died 10 July 1821, Jefferson Village, New Jersey, aged 29,[21] married 16 May 1819, Jefferson Village,[22]".  Also change "Nancy Smith.[809]" to "Nancy Smith, died 8 September 1821, Jefferson Village.[23]". This has the effect of deleting the current footnote [809].


26) 15 Dec 2003: photos of Samuel Relf8 Durand and his Hildur Richardson, contributed by his grandson Derek10 Doran-Wood, should be associated with the dedication of the book in some manner.


27) 15 Dec 2003: p 146, person 212, line 2: Insert "Connecticut Farms, " before "Essex Co." Append to footnote [826]: "Biographical card file, NJHS: "Brown, Thomas | married 3/4/1809 to Rhoda Durand by Rev. Steph-|en Thompson, Conn. Farms | Co. C. Essex.""


28) 16 Dec 2003: p 151, person 218, lines 1-4: A tighter argument proceeds from deleting the sentence "The first child of the second marriage ... 1812." but preserving its footnote number (which becomes associated therefore with the preceding sentence, "Then Hannah died ... more children." In this preceding sentence change "married, second," to "married, second, 11 February 1810,". Change foonote [857] to read "Biographical card file, NJHS: "Mulford, William | married 2/11/1810 to Betsey Ludlow by Rev. | Thomas Picton, Westfield." "


29) 16 Dec 2003: p 138, person 46, paragraph 1, line 3-: change "1832" to "1832, aged 73,[24]".


30) 16 Dec 2003: p 138, person 46, paragraph 1, line 2: change "1813" to "1813, aged 67,[25]".


31) 16 Dec 2003: p 209, person 205, line 2: change "9 October" to "8 or 9 October", and line 3: change "married" to "is buried in the Old Presbyterian Churchyard, Springfield, Essex Co., and married". Insert at beginning of footnote [1190]: "Biographical card file, NJHS: "Durand, John | died 10/8/1821 in his 28th yr. | Springf. Ch. Inscr.;" Centinal of Freedom, [no date], NJHS: "Durand, Mr. John | engraver of New York | At Jefferson's Village | Aged 27;" "


32) 6 May 2004: p 140, person 46, insert a new paragraph after the first complete paragraph on this page: "At a town meeting in Newark on 14 March 1786, John "Duren" is chosen "Overseer of the Highway," one of many. Then at the meeting held 23 April 1787, John Durand is again chosen an overseer of the highway.[26]"


33) 6 May 2004: p 145, person 49, insert a new paragraph after the first complete paragraph on this page: "At a town meeting in Newark on 27 April 1789, Elijah Durand is chosen overseer of the highway, as had his brother, John, in 1786 and 1787, as previously mentioned.[27]"


34) 13 May 2004: p 46, person 7, Samuel Durand, footnote 169: Insert better death and burial reference: "Russell Bruce Rankin, "Gravestone Records from Springfield, Union County," The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, 5[1929?]: 9-14, [hereafter cited as Rankin, "Gravestone Records from Springfield, Union Co.], 11, "Durand, Samuel, d. Jan. 27, 1787, in 74th year." " [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


35) 13 May 2004: p 138, person 46, John Durand, footnote 789 or 790: Insert better death and burial reference, as above: "Rankin, "Gravestone Records from Springfield, Union Co.," 11, "Durand, John, d. June 25, 1813, in 68th year; wife Rachel, d. April 26, 1832, in 74th year." " [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


36) 13 May 2004: p 148, person 50, Bryant [Briant] Durand, footnote 841: Insert better death and burial reference, as above: "Rankin, "Gravestone Records from Springfield, Union Co.,", 11, "Durand, Briant, d. Sept. 21, 1808, aged 57.8.7." Note that computed birthdate from the gravestone is 14 January 1751." [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


37) 13 May 2004: p 209, person 205, John Durand, footnote 1191: Replace with better death and burial reference, as above: "Rankin, "Gravestone Records from Springfield, Union Co.,", 11, "Durand, John, Jr., d. Oct. 8, 1821, in 28th year; wife Mary F., d. May 28, 1828, aged 29 years." Note that computed birthdate for Mary from the gravestone is about 1799." [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


38) 13 May 2004: p 149, person 217, Caleb Brown Durand, footnote 848: Insert better death and burial reference: "Essex County Gravestones," The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, [unknown vol, possibly 32, year later than 1949]: 9-16, 78-86 [hereafter cited as "Essex Co. Gravestones"], p. 14, "Durand, Caleb B.*; widow Hannah, d. May 26, 1851, in 75th yr." " [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


39) 13 May 2004: p 196, person 199, Henry Durand, line 5: At end of line, change "." to ", buried with her husband in South Orange Cemetery.[28]" [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


40) 17 May 2004: p 88, person 25, Andrew Durand, first full paragraph, line 4: Insert after first sentence this new sentence: "On 24 September 1757 Andrew Durand of New Cheshire offers a reward for a strayed bay horse.[29]"


41) 10 Nov 2004: p 195, paragraph about Prof. William Frederick Durand: Append this sentence: "Prof. Durand was awarded the first Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy

in 1948, which is entrusted to the Smithsonian Institute, and awarded in replica to a new recipient each year on the anniversary of the first flight at Kitty Hawk.[30]" [Thanks to John A. Nelson]


42) 20 Dec 2004: p 33, first paragraph: Append this sentence. "Evidence of the ongoing relationship between the Andrew branch and Yale is the Durand Cup [see photo], named in honor of Prof. Loyal9 Durand III  [cf. footnote 1392 on p. 277]."


43) 10 Mar 2005: p 64, first paragraph: Change "Burrett" to "Burrett [Burritt]". [See photo]. [Thanks to Marcie Winton]


44) 21 May 2005: p 114, second paragraph: This is a comment that could be incorporated into the body of the paragraph or into footnote 641. It pertains to the desertion record of one Samuel Durand, but does not clarify which Samuel Durand was the deserter. Dr. Lynn E. Garn has discovered further records that refine the desertion record as it appears on this page. Three cards on NARA microfilm series M881, roll 289, establish that Samuel deserted 26 August 1777, having enlisted 24 November 17[blank] for the duration of the war. At desertion, he was a private in "Capt. Elijah Humphry's Co. of the Connecticut Reg't of Foot commanded at present by Lt. Col. David Dimon" [this from a company muster roll card for the Connecticut 6th for the month of 31 August 1777 to 5 September 1777.] The second card is a summary of the desertion record as already presented in this paragraph, summarizing an entry on a list dated 14 August 1782 of the men who deserted since 1 January 1777 ["Place they belong, Derby" | "Town Inlisted for, Derby" | When Deserted, Sept., 1777"]. The third card is an accounting "of Monies due to the dead, deserted, Absentees, Col Meigs 6th Connt Regt.," for deserter, Pvt. Samuel Durand ["Sum due 25 dol: 50"]. The most interesting find of Dr. Garn is a document proving that Samuel Durand, having deserted the Americans on 26 August 1777, joins the British on 27 August 1777. He joins the Royal Fencible Americans in what appears to be the defection of several Derby men who all subsequently joined the RFA [muster roll of a detachment commanded by Capt. Lt. Phillip Bailey shows the enlistment by Capt. Bailey of Pvt. Samuel Durand on 27 August 1777; another muster roll for the same outfit under the same commander, dated December 1779, New York, lists Samuel "Durant".] [Public Archives of Canada, RG 8, 1893 (Reel 463): Muster Roll of Captain Phillip Bailey's Detachment, Royal Fencible American Regiment of Foot, taken at New York on December 23, 1777, or University of New Brunswick, Harriet Irving Library British Military and Naval Records, "C Series," 1767 - 1799, Reel 108, Volumes 1888-1897, NAC #C-4222.] [See also Lynn E. Garn, Loyalists in the Connecticut 6th Regiment, <> (accessed 21 May 2005).] [Thanks to Lynn Garn]


45) 9 Jan 2006: p 81, second paragraph of sketch for Susannah Durand, change "Known child ... :" to "Children:" and make Reuben Hawkins a second child and [daughter] Hawkins a third one, with the baptisms as given. I did not list the children this way before because I was not convinced that Susannah was still married to Peter Hawkins at the times of the baptisms of the two later children. Mr. Lynn E. Garn has proven this so to my satisfaction. See next items.


46) 9 Jan 2006: p 81, sketch for Susannah Durand, insert a new second paragraph: "Peter Hawkins of Derby buys land in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, on 23 August 1796.[31] Peter Hawkins of Sharon sells land in February 1797 to Gideon Conde of Derby.[32] Then Susannah Hawkins of Sharon buys land on 24 November 1797.[33] She sells it on 2 May 1798, with Peter Hawkins cosigning the deed.[34] Finally, in February 1799, Peter Hawkins sells the remainder of his land in Sharon to Joseph Bailey of Sharon.[35]" [Thanks to Lynn Garn]


47) 9 Jan 2006: p 81, sketch for Susannah Durand, insert a new third paragraph: "Reuben Hawkin of the right ages and birth state appears in the 1850 and 1860 census for Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, in all male listings.[36] Reuben also appears in the 1870 mortality index for Pittsfield.[37] This is consistent with the notion that Peter Hawkins and his son, Reuben, left Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, and joined the Shaker community near Pittsfield about 1800. There is no record showing that Susannah accompanied them to Pittsfield, so perhaps she died in Connecticut. Death records for the Shaker Colony in Mount Lebanon [formerly New Lebanon], Columbia Co., New York, have Peter Hawkins death on 12 May 1830, aged 69, and that of "Ruben" Hawkins on 21 February 1870, aged 80, both at Hancock [near Pittsfield], Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Listed next to "Ruben" is the death of Clarissa Hawkens on 23 September 1870, aged 77.[38] This is sufficiently consistent with what is known about Peter's third child to suggest that she is indeed Clarissa. So Reuben's line would end here, and Clarissa's too [whether or not she is Peter's daughter]." [Thanks to Lynn Garn]


48) 9 Jan 2006: p 81, in the new child listing for Reuben Hawkins, add "died 21 February 1870, Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. No issue." And similarly for the new unnamed daughter item, add "possibly Clarissa Hawkins, who died 23 September 1870, Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, without issue." [See also Lynn E. Garn, Ronnie E. Hawkins Sr., and G. Christian Larsen, The Family of Zadock Hawkins, 2005, <> (accessed 9 Jan. 2006).]


49) 6 Sep 2006: p 16, between the second and third full paragraphs, insert this paragraph: "On 15 November 1716 in New Haven, John Durand, chirurgeon, inspected the body of Ebenezer Allen after his murder by Thomas Sperry, . He wrote, 'I Did [inspect the wounds and bruises] & found them very great he haveing all the Dexter Side of his head & face very much contused & tumified, so that he was blind of Dexter Eye and sinister Eye but very littele better being very much inflamed & the Eye side contused & tumified his Lips very much contused & Lacerated.'"[40] [Thanks to Sandra M. Hewlett, CG]


50) 25 Nov 2006: p 405, person 453, Mary Virginia Huntington, change "currently living in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California" to "died 26 October 2006 in Santa Clara,  Santa Clara Co., California, and her cremated remains are at Olivet  Memorial Park, Colma, Calif. She spent her last days residing with her niece, Joelle (Huntington) Lambert."[41] [Thanks to Mary's nieces, Sandra (Lee) Filleman and Joelle (Huntington) Lambert]


51) 21 Jul 2008: p 201 (cf. fig. 39, p. 200): add a footnote to the end of the first paragraph, "invented by Thomas Alva Edison.[42]" [Thanks to Susan Newberry.]


52) 2 Nov 2014: p 86: change footnote 455 to: "Beach, "Durand," 80 gives birth date 8 Jan. 1807 but this is inconsistent with the second Moose Hills deed of  30 Mar. 1805 which mentions 'Bennet', son of Joseph Durand. He is Bennett Durand in Beach."


53) 2 Nov 2014: p 86: change death date for Ebenezer B. to "25 March 1883, Bristol, Hartford Co., Connecticut," and add a footnote to it: "Connecticut, Deaths and Burials, 1772-1934, <>, Ebenezer B. Durand, died 25 Mar. 1883, Bristol, Conn., age 70, FHL 3324. Beach gives 25 Mar. 1884." Add: "buried, aged 76, in Forestville Cem., Forestville, Hartford Co., Connecticut.", with s footnote: "Find a Grave, no. 120657146, gravestone photograph, by C. Greer, Forestville Cem., Forestville, Hartford Co., Conn., 'D | Ebenezer B. Durand | died | Mar. 25, 1883 | aged 76 yrs. | Clarissa | his wife | died Aug. 23, 1906 | aged 92 yrs. | Durand [with inscriptions on two other sides of the monument for two daughters and their husbands].'"


54) 2 Nov 2014: p 87: add Clarissa's death date: ", and died 23 August 1906, and buried, aged 92, next to her husband."


55) 2 Nov 2014: pp 86-87: change "1832" to "22 July 1832," and change footnote 456 to "Cornwall VRs (Barbour), 36, 'Durand, Ebenezer B., m. Clarissa Davison, b. of Cornwall, July 22, 1832, by Rev. Aaron S. Hill


56) 2 Nov 2014: p 84: change Sarah's second sentence to "Beach has her death in 1880. She married 13 Dec. 1815, Oxford, John Payne, of Cornwall, Litchfield Co., Connecticut." and change the footnote 433 to: "Cornwall VRs (Barbour), 36, "[Durand] Sarah, of Oxford, m. John Payne, of Cornwall, Dec. 13, 1815, in Oxford, by Rev. Aaron Humphre, of Oxford. Beach hs that they 'moved to Ill. and are all dead.'"


57) 2 Nov 2014: p 87: insert this 1860 census record: "In 1860 Ebenezer Durand, 53, keeping a boarding house born in Connecticut, resides in Bristol, Hartford Co., Connecticut, with his wife Clarissa, 46, born in Connecticut, Mary Jane, 26, Sarah M., 22, a music teacher, and Martha J., 17, a teacher, all three born in Connecticut." and add a footnote for it: "U.S. census, 1860, Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn., dwelling 470, family 459, roll 102, p. 52. There are many other people in the household."




[1] Family Bible of Ann Brower, photocopies sent to the author on 12 Jun. 2003 by Marianne8 (Durand) Frey: Holy Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments: together with the Apochrypha, etc. (New York: E. Duyckinck, Smith and Forman, Collins and Co., J. Tiebout, S. A. Burtus, and B. Crane, 1812), inscribed, "The Property of Ann Brower, June 15th, 1813." Contains the records, "January 1, 1786 Ann Northall was born at 5 oclock in the Aprel [sic] 12, 1788," "Ann Brower wif of Abram Brower Died September the 28, 1828," and "Abrahm Brower son of William Brower died June the -5- 1844."

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[4] Obit., Publishers Weekly, Vol. 183, No. 7, 18 Feb. 1963, 135, Contemporary Authors Online, Gale Group Databases, Gunn Memorial Library, Washington, Conn., 21 June 2003, <>, courtesy Shelley Holmes Caroe, article states, "she was widow of Guy Holt, who was head of McGraw-Hills trade department when he died in 1934;" Adele (Durand) Holt, "Stage Careers in the Durand Family All Sparkle with Brilliance," The Peru Republican, 28 Apr. 1944, 1, states, "[Guy Holt, her son] passed away in 1934. Rackman [sic] Holt is his widow. Her latest book "George Washington Carver" has been one of the non-fiction's best sellers for the past year;" Robert Harry McIntire, "The MacIntyre, McIntyre and McIntire Clan of Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New England," typescript, 1949, 15, HeritageQuest Online, <> (accessed 20 June 2003), gives her pseudonym as "Rackem." Durand, "Notes on Family History," has daughter Margaret born 11 Oct. 1925.

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[11] Email from Nancy Sue10 Latta, 3 October 2003, "Re: Durand Book."

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[14] Centinal of Freedom [newspaper], Newark, New Jersey, 11 November 1828, biographical card file, NJHS: "Oct. 6, 1828 | Durand, Mrs. Abigail B. | At Jefferson's Village | Aged 33." Centinal of Freedom was later spelled Sentinel of Freedom.

[15] Centinal of Freedom, 8 November 1797, NJHS: "Wednesday Evening last | Durand, Caleb B. | of Springfield | to | Brown, Mrs. Hannah | of South Orange | by | Rev. Jacob Van Arsdale." A puzzle is this item: Centinal of Freedom, 3 February 1818, biographical card file, NJHS: "Thursday Evening last [29 January 1818] | Durand, Caleb B. | to Butler, Margaret | of Staten Island | by | Rev. Mr. Jones." This suggests that Caleb had a second wife, but first wife Hannah outlived Caleb and there is no indication of divorce. She is described as his widow on her gravestone and is buried next to him. So perhaps there was a second Caleb (cf. person 216) after all.

[16]  New Jersey Journal and Elizabeth Gazette [newspapers], Elizabeth, New Jersey, 21 May 1822, biographical card file, NJHS: "May 16, 1822 | Durand, Capt Cyrus | to | Woodruff, Miss Phebe | by | Rev. Mr. Frazer." The same card file also contains this item: "Durand, Silas [sic] | married 5/16/1822 to widow Phebe Woodruff of Spring-|field | Hist. West. Ch."

[17]  Emails from descendant Andii Gibb to the author, 27 and 30 November 2003: "They [John and Rowena] were married before her 18th birthday so she lied and said she was born in 1902 at the time of their marriage in Denver." Also, "Rowena's parents were George Durand of Denver and I can't remember my great-grandmother's name, either Bacon or Bowman."

[18] Biographical card file, NJHS: "Durand, Ezra | married 10/24/1818 to Betsey Baker both of Conn. | Farms by Rev. Stephen Thompson, Conn. Farms | Co. C. Essex [County Clerk, Essex Co.]."

[19] The Eagle [probably The New Jersey Eagle, Newark], 14 August 1846, NJHS: "Aug. 10, 1846 | Durand, Henry | At Jefferson's Village."

[20] Centinal of Freedom, 23 July 1805, NJHS: "Durand, Henry | to Baldwin, Lecta | both of Jefferson Villiage [sic]."

[21] Centinal of Freedom and New Jersey Journal [probably of Elizabeth], 7 August 1821, NJHS: "July 10, 1821 | Durand, Mr. Isaac M. | At Jefferson's Village | Aged 29."

[22] Biographical card file, NJHS: "Durand, Isaac | married 5/16/1819 to Nancy Smith of Spring-|field by William Brown, Just. of the peace, | Jefferson Village | Co. C. Essex."

[23] Centinal of Freedom, [no date], NJHS: "Sept. 8, 1821 | Durand, Mrs. Isaac | At Jefferson's Village."

[24] Biographcal card file, NJHS: "Durand, Rachel, wife of John Durand | died 4/26/1832 in her 74th yr.| Springf. Ch. Inscr."

[25] Biographcal card file, NJHS: "Durand, John, | died 6/25/1813 in his 68th yr.| Springf. Ch. Inscr."

[26] Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society. Volume VI. Records of the Town of Newark, New Jersey from Its Settlement in 1666, to Its Incorporation as a City in 1836 (Newark, NJ: NJ Historical Society, 1864; repr. paperback, NJHS, 1966) [henceforth cited as Town Records of Newark, 1666-1836], 162, 164. Asher Brown also chosen overseer of the highways at the 1786 meeting.

[27] Town Records of Newark, 1666-1836, 167.

[28] "Essex Co. Gravestones", 14, "Durand, Henry ("our father"), Nov. 2, 1780, d. Aug.10, 1846; wife Electa Baldwin, b. Jan. 7, 1786, d. Oct. 18, 1865." "

[29] Kenneth Scott and Rosanne Conway, Genealogical Data from Colonial New Haven Newspapers (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979; repr. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1999), 51.

[30] Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, <> (accessed 10 November 2004), was awarded secondly to Charles Lindbergh.

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[32] Litchfield Co., Conn., Deeds, 12: 289.

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[35] Litchfield Co., Conn., Deeds, 12: 31.

[36] U.S. census, 1850, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Mass., roll 305, p. 276, dwelling 1357, family 1516, lists Reuben Hawkins, 61, farmer born in Conn., real value $20,000, with 12 males and 26 females, including Clarissa Hawkins, 56, born in Conn.; U.S. census, 1860, Pittsfield, Berkshire, Co., Mass., roll 488, p. 283, dwelling 2063, family 2205, lists Reuben Hawkins, 70, a teamster born in Conn., with $26,500 real and $1,820 personal property, listed with nine other males and 24 females, including Clarissa Hawkins, 66, an "elderess" born in Conn.

[37] U.S. mortality index, 1870, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Mass., dwelling 1526 [Pontoosue Boarding House], Reuben Hawkins, 80, an elder born in Conn., died Feb. of apoplexy.

[38] Rachel Cottrell, "Shaker Death Records," Register 115 [Apr. 1961]: 126-26. Original records on FHL 1902437.

[39] U.S. census, 1860, ward 15, district 2, New York City, New York Co., New York, roll 805, "Page No. 72," dwelling 233, family 437, lists Jno Durand, 37, engraver, born N.Y., Fredk F., 21, student, born N.Y., A. B., 13, artist, born N.J., Eugene, 9, born N.Y., Caroline, 33, born N.Y., and two servants; New York State census, 1855, ward 15, district 4, "the city,", New York Co., dwelling 9, family 10, lists Asher B. Durand, 58, husband, painter, born N.J., Mary F., 42, wife, born N.Y., Caroline D., 28, daughter, born N.Y., "Fredrick D.," 15, son, born N.Y., and "Euguene" H., 3, son, born N.Y.

[40] Connecticut State Archives, RG3, New Haven Superior Court Files 1717, Murder of Thomas Sperry by Ebenezer Allen, Statement of John Durand after examining the body.

[41] Letter to the author from Sandy Filleman, 4 Nov. 2006; email from Joelle Lambert, 25 Nov. 2006.

[42] Obit., "Nelson C. Durand, 77, Thomas Edison Aide," The New York Times, 21 Jul 1949, "East Orange, N.J., July 20 -- Nelson C. Durand of 116 Prospect Street, retired vice president of the Ediphone Division of Thomas A. Edison, Inc., and one of the early associates of the late inventor in the development of the incandescent lamp and in the development of voice writing, died last night at his home after a five-day illness. He was 77 years old. [paragraph] A native of Newark, Mr. Durand entered the former Edison Lamp Works in Harrison when he was 16. Subsequently he did engineering work during the early days of the bamboo filaments, pioneering on such events as the erection of the first electric light sign in New York at Twenty-third Street and Broadway. [paragraph] Mr. Durand was made vice president and general manager of the Ediphone Division in 1904 and retired on Jan. 31, 1938. He was the first to be given the title of 'vice president' in the company."


CORRECTIONS most recent ADDITIONS go here


1) 14 Oct 2003: p 543, place index, Iowa: Benton Co. is listed twice. The second set of entries should be deleted.


2) 23 Oct 2003: p 3, paragraph 2, line 3: change "Loyal Relf" to "Loyal Root". [Thanks to Derek Doran-Wood.]


3) 1 Nov 2003: p 405, paragraph 1, lines 2-3: delete "managing" in both lines. [Thanks to Sandra Lee Filleman.]


4) 10 Nov 2003: p. 387, person 447: The author met 6 Nov 2003 with Sandra Lee Filleman in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and discovered a photograph in her collection from Maud Durand's scrapbook labeled "Beth Murry Holt wife of Guy Holt, Publishers [photo] Adopted Daughter of John Murry." Pasted to the opposite side of the page is another photo of the same woman with a young girl, labeled "Adopted Daughter of John Murry". Next to the photo is an obituary for Guy. The authority for the name of Guy Holt's first wife, Caroline Elizabeth Morse, as given in the book, was Maud Durand's "Notes on a Family History." Thus we are left with a quandary. Either Guy Holt had a third wife, named Beth Murry, apparently with a girl child, or Caroline Elizabeth Morse and Beth Murry are the same person, and the young girl in the photo with her is probably Cicely Holt. This latter hypothesis is thought to be the more likely. This suggests that the wording of line 1 on p. 387 should be conservatively changed to "22 May 1912, Caroline Elizabeth ["Beth"] Murry [Morse], adopted daughter of John Murry, and had a daughter" until further evidence emerges to clarify the exact situation. [See figures].


5) 25 Nov 2003: p 202, paragraph 2, line 1: change "16 August 1822," to "16 May 1822,[16]".


6) 15 Dec 2003: p 141, person 201, lines 2-4: change to "June 1869, married (1) 16 July 1803, Springfield or Jefferson Village, Essex Co., New Jersey, John Baily [Bailey], and perhaps married (2) David Tichenor." Insert the following at the beginning of footnote [802]: "Centinal of Freedom, 27 September 1803, NJHS: "Durand, Lydia | dau. of John Durand | to | Bailey, John | by | Rev. Mr. William, at Jefferson Village;" biographical card file, NJHS: "Baily, John | married 7/16/1803 to Lydia Durand by Rev. Ger-|shom Williams, Springfield | Co. C. Essex;"."


7) 8 Apr 2004: p 429, person 488, line 2: change "married," to "married first,". Line 4: change "children are" to "child is". Line 6: change "Alabama," to "Alabama." Delete "spouse Bette Henderson, born 1953, St. Louis, Missouri." and start a new paragraph with these words: "John married second Bette Henderson, born 1953, St. Louis, Missouri. Their child is:". In the entry for child (2) change "1977" to "1997". [Thanks to Ryan Taylor.]


8) 13 May 2004: p 46, person 7, Samuel Durand, line 2: change "aged 74" to "aged 73". [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


9) 13 May 2004: p 149, person 217, line 4: change "aged 75" to "aged 74". [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


10) 13 May 2004: p 196, person 199, line 5: change "1 January 1783" to "7 January 1786".  [Thanks to Harold Ahern]


11) 10 Mar 2005: p 61, person 12, line 2: delete "or 16" and append the following item to footnote 245: "photograph of gravestone, Elijah and Anna Durand, by Marcie Winton in summer 2004, at a cemetery in Oxford, New Haven Co., off Highway 188 and Captain Wooster Road "on a little hill," "In memory of | Elijah Durand | [died] | Mar. 6, 1804, | and of | Anna, his wife | [died] | Oct. 7, 1801, | and of | Burritt | [aged?] 16 | son of Elijah & Sarah Harger | Nov. 13, 1822." " [See photo]. [Thanks to Marcie Winton]


12) 27 Feb 2006: p. 223, last paragraph, append this sentence. "The second child, Asher, is an error, probably made because of the 1860 U.S. census which lists an A.B. Durand, 13, between Fred F., 21, and Eugene H., 9. However the putative child A.B. is given an occupation of artist and a birthplace of New Jersey. The age is probably an error, and this item is actually Asher Brown himself, age about 63. The 1855 New York City census verifies that Asher has only two sons then, "Fredrick D.," 15, and Eugene H., 3.[39]" [Thanks to Sarah Snook of Columbia and Linda Ferber of the New-York Historical Society for pointing out the anomaly, and to Robert Charles Anderson for finding the 1855 census item.]


13) 15 May 2007 (possible correction): pp 43, 60, 110, persons 36 and 77, both named Hannah Durand: on p 110, sketch 36, line 3, I have "married[?]" and mention the ambiguity in footnote 619 about whether Hannah who married David Hawkins was Hannah (no. 36), daughter of Noah, or Hannah (no. 77), daughter of Ebenezer. Based on the following evidence I would now choose Hannah (no. 77), daughter of Ebenezer, as the likely wife of David Hawkins (still not a proof, however), directly affecting the pedigrees of the four children, of course: Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files (Waynesboro, Tenn.: National Historical Publishing Co., 1991), 1569, in item for Samuel Hawkins, "In 1840 a Hannah Hawkins wa [sic] aged 81 a res of Derby CT & stated her maiden name was Durand & that she had m David Hawkins in Aug 1783 & was at sol's & wife's wedding but no relationship was stated." This implies that Hannah Durand, wife of David Hawkins, was born about 1759, matching better Hannah baptized Jan 1758 (no. 77) rather than Hannah born Sep 1756 (no. 36). The wedding date is also corrected (if the affidavit is accepted) to Aug 1783 by this evidence. [Thanks to Bill Warnock]


14) 4 May 2020: p 118, Abigail Tomlinson, wife of Noah Durand (sketch 39), is stated to be daughter of Caleb Tomlinson and Mary Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Newton) Bryan, on authority of Orcutt, Orcutt and Beardsley, and Beach. However, strong evidence suggests that Caleb's wife Mary was Mary Southworth, not Mary Bryan. Reinspection of Orcutt and of Orcutt and Beardsley show that they state Caleb's wife to be only Mary (--). That she was Mary Bryan has crept into the "records" apparently through Beach, "Durand," and website, the latter which cites for Mary Bryan, W. C. Sharpe, History of Oxford, and William Richard Cutter, New England Families. My correspondent Andrea Matthews notified me of Mary Southworth's sketch (#574) in Mayflower Families Fifth Generation Descendants, 1700-1880: pp 239-240, vol. 16, The John Alden Family. This source cites strong evidence that Mary5 Southworth, a fifth-generation descendant of John1 Alden, married 1 Sept. 1747, Southbury, Conn., Caleb Tomlinson, and had five children, including Abigail, born 30 Mar. 1750, bap. 1 July 1750, St. James Parish, Derby. It was Abigail who married Noah Durand. [Thanks to Andrea Matthews]




Al Hirschfeld cartoon about Maud Durand, person 377. Hirschfeld began publishing his famous drawings of celebrities in the 1920s. He recently died, 20 Jan. 2003, aged 99. He always hid the name of his daughter, Nina, in his drawings. "Strangers at Home," opened at the Longacre Theater on Broadway, 14 Sept. 1934, perhaps Maud's last play [see Internet Broadway Database]:


Hirschfeld Cartoon - Maud Durand From the collection of Sandra8 (Lee) Filleman

More Orson Durand family (incl. Maud) pictures



Map of Maplewood, New Jersey (formerly Jefferson Village) in 1815. Note the houses left to right along Grub Street (now Ridgewood Road): C. Durand, I. Durand, H. Durand, C. Durand, and also the house along Domini Street (now Jefferson Avenue): J. Durand. The H. Durand house is now called the Durand-Hedden House, 523 Ridgewood Rd. The Widow Phebe, next door to C. Durand, might be a relative, and Aunt Rachel, across the street from H. Durand is probably Henry Durand's mother:


Maplewood NJ 1815 From front endpaper of Helen B. Bates, Maplewood Past & Present (Maplewood, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1948)



See 18 Jun 2003 addition above for description of this 21 June 1780 receipt from George Washington of $60 for spy glass repair, with Briant Durand autograph:


Durand Receipt to Washington From the George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, Series 5, Financial Papers: Revolutionary War Receipts, June 1775-December, 1783, reel 116, image 195 or 258



Mrs. Harvey Durand. Reverse side has, "Mrs. Harvey Durand 97 years old," but Harriet A. (Van Embergh) Durand died at about age 84:


Harriet A. Durand From the collection of Mary Virginia7 Huntington


Rackham Holt, drawing by William Bruckner 1961:

Rackham Holt From the dust jacket of Rackham Holt, Mary McLeod Bethune, a Biography

More Orson Durand family (incl. Rackham) pictures


New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Petra Jimenez Maes, mother-in-law of Kristin Claire11 (Wilson) Maes, receiving the state's first Distinguished Hispanic Accomplishment Award:

Chief Justice Petra Jimenez Maes From the Albuquerque Journal, 28 June 2003, photographer Hannah van Zutphen-Kann


Probably Guy7 Holt's first wife, Caroline Elizabeth ["Beth"] Murry [or Morse], and, in the second photo, probably her daughter Cicely8 Holt:

From Maud Durand's scrapbook (in possession of Sandra8 Lee Filleman)
Reverse of page above in Maud Durand's scrapbook


Dessa6 (Durand) Gorham and her family:

Henry Wilson ["Bill"] and Dessa6 (Durand) Gorham with sons James7 and Wilson7 (from the collection of Sandra8 Lee Filleman, caption on back of photo: "Bill Gorham, Dess (Aunt Dess) + Jimmy + Billy").

Maud6 Durand and her nephew Charles7 Gorham, son of Dessa6 (from the collection of Sandra8 Lee Filleman, caption on back of photo: "Maud Durand with Charles Gorham"). Despite the caption, comparison of the two women in these two photographs suggests they are the same woman, Dessa.


Amanda S.5 (Durand) Brown with husband and grandson:

William and Amanda Durand Brown and Alpheus W Thoroman

William Sherman and Amanda S.5 (Durand) Brown with grandson Alpheus William7 Thoroman (from the collection of Eric Donald10 Thoroman, caption on back of photo: "Front: William Sherman Brown (1822-1898) Amanda S. (Durand) Brown (1823-1895) Back: Alpheus William Thoroman (1874-1942) Circa 1893 Rosedale, Ill. (Jersey County)").


Samuel Relf8 and Hildur (Richardson) Durand:

Samuel Relf8 Durand, 1904-1996, ca. 1979 (from the collection of Derek10 Doran-Wood).

His wife, Hildur (Richardson) Durand, 1909-1997 (from the collection of Derek10 Doran-Wood).


The Durand Cup for rowing competitions, named for Prof. Loyal9 Durand III (Loyal Jr.8, Loyal7, Loyal Root6, Samuel5, 120Samuel4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Dr. John1):

For further details see durand_cup.htm and also DurandCup.html.


Gravestone, Oxford, Connecticut, for Elijah3 Durand, his wife, Anna, and a grandnephew, Burritt [Burrett]5, grandson of Elijah's sister, Sarah3 (Durand) and Jabez Harger, via Elijah4 and Sarah R. Harger.

Elijah and Anna Durand Gravestone

From the collection of Marcie Winton.


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