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Dr. John Durand of Derby, Connecticut

and His Family



Alvy Ray Smith



Newbury Street Press

New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)

Boston, Massachusetts


Reprinted 2007. Available from

Cover: Asher Brown Durand, Study from Nature, Stratton Notch, Vermont, 1857. Collection of The New-York Historical Society


Full Title: Dr. John Durand (1664-1727) of Derby, Connecticut: His Family Through Four Generations, Featuring the Branch of His Youngest Son, Ebenezer Durand, Through Ten Generations to 2003




NGS prize

20 May 2004

The book has been selected book of the year by the National Genealogical Society (NGS). The award was presented at the NGS annual conference held 19-22 May 2004 in Sacramento, California. For further information, see

Grand Prize of CSG

15 May 2004

The book was the co-winner of the Literary Awards Contest of 2004 for New England Genealogy, from The Connecticut Society of Genealogists (CSG). It shared the award with a co-winner at the CSG annual luncheon meeting held 15 May 2004 in Berlin, Connecticut. For further information, see


From the dust jacket:

Robert Charles Anderson, FASG

A creative treatment of an artistically and scientifically creative family.

Dr. Ralph J. Crandall

Executive Director, New England Historic Genealogical Society

Dr. John Durand of Derby, Connecticut and His Family is a brilliant, interdisciplinary genealogy that is striking in its thoroughness, breadth, and intellectual rigor. Dr. Smith has left no stone unturned in his study of this early New England Huguenot family. This is a classic, a superb analytical genealogy, that also introduces the reader to the Durand family through beautifully written biographical profiles and myriad examples from their writings, artwork, and other family objects.


Helen S. Ullmann, CG, FASG

Alvy Ray Smith has taken the Durand family archive, verified and added to it, and created a beautifully detailed account of this interesting old Connecticut family.


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