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NB. To honor a request from one of the persons in the database, I have turned off display of all dates of living persons. The dates are in my database however. They are just hidden from the website. See note below in red.

Names in the online database in UPPERCASE are in direct genetic link (to my sons) 



Genealogy Papers



Published Sept 2003

Reprinted 2006


Published Dec 2006

Also Vol. 2, Vol. 3 (Parts I, II, and III), Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7, Vol. 8, Vol. 9

Electronically Published 2008-2016




Sesquicentennial Book 


N.B. I am planning on taking down the following database. I will maintain it offline however. I am not proud of it, is the reason for taking it down. I started it about 20 years ago when I knew next to nothing about scholarly genealogy. Most importantly, I didn't understand the importance of establishing a record (primary, when possible) for each fact. I didn't understand the error of simply quoting from other people's genealogies (which is hardly proof of anything, except in the case of parents, self, or children). I have now published online over 5,000 pages of scholarly genealogy, and that is what I wish to be known for, not this unsatisfactory family tree. I have always used the family tree as a storage space for persons whom I MIGHT prove later to be in the genealogy, but I do not  wish it ever to be interpreted as a scholarly genealogy. I shall be extracting bits of the family tree that are firmly establishedf, and publishing these as separate scholarly documents. When enough of this has been done, I will cease publishing this database. The Hargreaves publication, just above, is one such case. (Alvy, 5 Feb. 2011)

I have been keeping a family database - from which I generate the Family Tree - on computer for a over a decade. The family database now contains over 12,000 individuals, many anecdotes, and over 2200 surnames. My genealogy program is The Master Genealogist v9.0.  I use it (TMG) to compile my family database, and I use Second Site v5.1 to generate the Family Tree from the database, updating this website every couple of weeks or so.