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v17.14 published 27 Apr 2024

A Joint US-UK Invitation to Join the YDNA Study

We invite males with surnames in the following (non-exclusive) list:

Riggs, Rigg, Rigges, Rigge, Rigs, Ridges

to join the Riggs/Rigg DNA Study Group devoted to the elucidation of family lines sharing these surnames, utilizing clues residing in our Y chromosomes.

- Alvy Ray Smith, Berkeley, US

  Webmaster of the  website

Edwardian Riggses of America


- Geoffrey Tudor Riggs, Wales, UK

Webmaster of the website

  RIGGS Surname Study

(Geoff died 12 June 2011)



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Alvy Ray Smith is a Group Administrator of the Riggs/Rigg DNA Study Group

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