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Benefits of Membership


1. Most importantly, you get a sample kit. It is mailed directly from our testing company FamilyTreeDNA to you, at the mailing address you supply when you join (that is, when you order). All transactions occur directly between you and FTDNA (my abbreviation for FamilyTreeDNA). Simple instructions are included with the kit. The test is painless, involving nothing more than a swab inside your mouth, on your inner cheek. Packaging for return of the sample kit is provided.

2. You get your YDNA signature. FTDNA will test the sample you submit and return to you a list of numbers. This list is your YDNA signature (also called a haplotype). If you ordered a 12-marker test, then you get 12 numbers back. If you ordered a 37-marker test, then you get 37 numbers back. And so forth.

3. You become a member of an emailing group that I, as Group Administrator, maintain. I send out the latest results to members of the group as they come in. I provide some analysis of the results, propose hypotheses for further testing, orchestrate selection of new members, etc. Members report that it is fun to track the unfolding story that the YDNA provides.

How do I join?

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