Rob Cook, Loren Carpenter, Tom Porter, Bill Reeves, David Salesin, and Alvy Ray Smith


1983, Pixar, All Rights Reserved.

This landscape is defined with patches, polygons, fractals, particle systems, graftals, and a variety of procedural models. The various elements were rendered separately and composited later. The piece is very much a team effort, a "one-frame movie". The credits, in alphabetical order, are:

The picture was rendered and composited using a VAX computer with an Ikonas framebuffer as picture memory. It took about a month to execute mainly because it had to be executed by parts, the final resolution of the desired image - 2048x2048 pixels, 24 bits per pixel - being far greater than that of our framebuffer (512x512 pixels). So 16 complete framebuffer-sized tiles were rendered and composited in a 4x4 tiling. The piece was scanned onto film at full resolution with a COLOR FIRE 240, courtesy of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd.

Created at Lucasfilm Ltd in Marin County, California in April, 1983. Also exhibited at The Computer Museum, Boston, 1984-1985.