Riggs Vol 1


Elder Wilson Thompson's Genealogy



Autobiography of Leonard Armstrong



Biography of John Wells Millspaugh



The DNA Case for Bethuel Riggs



Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, FASG. Smith Families of Lincoln County, Missouri. Springfield: M. H. Rising, 2005


The many Smith families of Lincoln Co., Missouri, are sorted out in this impressive display of genealogical sleuthing, a companion document to vol. 1, generation 2, the marriage of Andrew Smith to Elizabeth Riggs, daughter of Bethuel Riggs.


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This is a companion document to vol. 1, generation 3, sketch 13, Thaddeus R. Webb (Jane Riggs, Bethuel Riggs), marries Sarah Kidson Farmer, and their children:


Colletta Yerka. Westward They Came. Dassel, Minn.: C. Yerka, 2006