Web-Book Instructions

A web-book looks like a book, but acts like a webpage.

It is not to be printed, as it is highly interactive.

To get started (after the document has been downloaded to your computer), click on the top line of the title page.

In the Table of Contents, click on any item to be taken immediately to it. No page numbers need to be used.

In each person's sketch, a click on the person's name will take you to his or her parents' sketch. And a click on each child of the person, of those marked with a + sign, takes you to that child's sketch. Thus the tree is easily navigated, again without page numbers.

In the Table of Illustrations, click on any item to be taken immediately to the corresponding figure.

A click on a footnote indicator (a superscript in square brackets) takes you to that footnote.

There are are many other links in the document. If the arrow cursor changes to a hand then the location is "hot" and a click will cause a leap. Links are not underlined, as they are on webpages, so that the document continues to look like a book.

Another reason for not printing is that I can (and do) make updates.

Therefore, please make the version number explicit in bibliographic references.