African Safari 2001 - Tanzania - Digital Photographs

2001-2022 Alvy Ray Smith (Ars Longa). All rights reserved. All images made with Nikon D1X digital camera at 5.5 megapixels. All original images printed at 8x10 inches on a Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart Photo Printer or 12x18 inches on an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. 

Below is a sampler of about 2000 shots made on the trip. The safari company is Wilderness Africa of Arusha, Tanzania. Ruaha and Serengeti are national parks in Tanzania, each about the size of Connecticut. Tanzania's protected Ngorongoro Crater is about 10-15 miles in diameter and 1500 feet deep. My party spent 5-6 days each in Ruaha and the Serengeti and one in Ngorongoro.

Lion and Her Cub (c) Alvy Ray Smith Male Giraffe and His Newlborn (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ruaha 12 Aug - Lioness and cub Serengeti 21 Aug - Newborn Maasai giraffe
Lioness Closeup (c) AlvyRaySmith Ruaha Elephant Walk (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ruaha 12 Aug - Lioness Ruaha 11 Aug - Elephant walk
Cheetah with Kill (c) Alvy Ray Smith Zebras Splashing (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Serengeti 18 Aug - Cheetah and kill Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Zebras
Elephant in Flight or Fight (c) Alvy Ray Smith Hippos from Balloon (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ruaha 14 Aug - Young elephant challenges Serengeti 18 Aug - Hippos from a balloon
Relaxing Hyena (c) Alvy Ray Smith Zebra Arch (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Serengeti 19 Aug - Relaxing hyena Serengeti 23 Aug - Zebra arch
Giraffe and Elephant Composition (c) Alvy Ray Smith Baby and Mommy Tommy (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Serengeti 23 Aug - Giraffe and elephant Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Mommy Tommy
Defassa Waterbuck (c) Alvy Ray Smith Vervet Monkeys Warming at Dawn (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Serengeti 21 Aug - Defassa waterbuck Serengeti 22 Aug - Vervet monkeys
Buffalo Having a Smoke? (c) Alvy Ray Smith Cheetah and a Half (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Cape buffalo Ruaha 14 Aug - Cheetahs
Young Hyena at Den (c) Alvy Ray Smith Cub Lions Drinking (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Young hyena at den Ruaha 14 Aug - Lion cubs
Zebra Leaking Drink (c) Alvy Ray Smith Postprandial Lioness (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Zebras Ruaha 14 Aug - Lioness resting
Elephant Closeup (c) Alvy Ray Smith Elephant in Fever Trees (c) Alvy Ray Smith
Ruaha 14 Aug - Elephant closeup Ngorongoro 17 Aug - Elephant View