I am frequently contacted by relatives because of this website. Often they tell me more about my family than I knew before. I would particularly like to thank the following (mostly) relatives for fruitful correspondence and improvements to the database: Barbara Gililland Anderson, Steven W Colbert, Jo Ellis, Ophelia Fink, Iris Hargreaves Garrard, Bob and Carol Gililland, Melissa Hatfield, Vida Henry, Mary Baker Hughey, Virginia Long Hutson, Max LeGrand, JoAnn Johnson Locher, Adam Long, Tom McBryde, George E Miller, Rick Miller, Annette Morton-Allen, John A Nelson Jr, Anna Howell Palmer, Dorothy Parrish, Frances Benton Schuler, David Sheppard, Anne Shipp, Tom Smalley, Alva M Smith, Shirley Southwell, Gloria Mann Taylor, Carol Thomas, Kathleen Hargreaves Waddell, Maurine Webb, Teresa Wilson Weise, Elizabeth Witt White. Particularly helpful has been

Dale Parrott Dale Parrott