Alvy Ray Smith


1979, Alvy Ray Smith, All Rights Reserved.

I conceived and directed this piece and was helped on it by Ed Catmull, Ephraim Cohen, David DiFrancesco, Tom Duff, Duane Palyka, Garland Stern, and Lance Williams. I modeled the skeletal hands from cylinders and spheres, using Tom's "soids" program. I scanned in a photo of the keyboard and used my paint program to modify its colors. I surrounded the "bones" with a "skin" of polygons rendered in Duane's rendering program and composited them with ramping transparency from fully transparent at the fingertips to fully opaque at the wrists. This is a good example (and an early one) of the strong use of 2D techniques mixed with 3D ones.

In the SIGGRAPH 79 Proceedings cover credits, I gave the creative team the name of Chromagnon. The image itself had no name, so I use the team name for the image name here.

Created at NYIT in Old Westbury, Long Island, in 1979.