Miscellaneous Works


Digital Herbarium - Holographic Animation (Centre Pompidou)

Vidbits - Video Animation (Xerox PARC)

Stanford Coffee House - Exhibit of Paintings


Exhibition, videodisc contributor, Revue virtuelle 8: The digital herbarium

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 13 Oct 1993 - 2 Jan 1994

"Grammar for generating the complexity of reality. A new category of mathematical objects - 'graftals' - capable of rendering the complex phenomena of plant metamorphosis, are used here in a real-time animation sequence" Alvy Ray Smith, United States, 1985

My contribution was a "holographic" plate, imaged with 20 frames of an animation of a 3D synthetic plant, done with graftals. If one rocked the plate, the plant was seen to rotate and appear 3-dimensional. This was not true holography. Each frame of the film was imaged as a vertical slit on the glass. Tiny vertical lenses were formed in the surface of the glass plate above each image. The imaging of several frames onto the eye, induced by rocking the plate, causes the 3D effect.


Videotape, Vidbits

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, 1974. Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1975, and on WNET television show VTR, New York, 1975. This was my first computer graphics, except for an antenna design in the 1960s. It was certainly my first color computer graphics. Executed on Dick Shoup's Superpaint at Xerox PARC. Jim Mayer taught me my video chops.


Exhibit, Oils and Acrylics

Stanford University, Coffee House, 1969. Before computer graphics. No paintings sold, but one, Valentine Nude, stolen! I was complimented.