The Name

Alvy most likely derives from the Irish name Ailhbe, also spelled Ailbe. Consider this from a Celtic name list:

Ailbhe (AL-fe) From the Old Irish name, Ailbe, from the celtic *albho 'white'. Saint Ailbe, who lived in the 6th century, was raised by a wolf, according to an early account of his life. His feast day is September 12. A nickname for Ailbhes who are men is Alby. NB. In Gaelic, an h after a consonant means the consonant is aspirated, so bhe is pronounced fe or ve.

So my translation of Alvy as white (see my chop) is somewhat justified. The first Alvy Ray Smith, my grandfather, married a very Irish woman, Sina Maudie McKindrey, so I am clearly part Irish (Northern Irish, if that distinction is important to you). I believe my grandpaternal line is also Irish but have no proof.